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USGA, R&A proposed rule changes for 2019, Plus Distance Report

If you haven’t seen these they’ve been out for a few days. I wanted to share the links and offer them up for discussion in the forum. The first link is to a pdf with proposed rule changes for 2019. I can’t imagine no changes or additions will made so it will be interesting to see what makes the cut, what does not, or if they all do.
Original proposed rule changes (opens in new tab):
Summary of main changes for 2019:
*be careful, the original proposed changes and the announced changes summary look very similar with a few differences, both documents are linked so you can compare them if you’d like.*
For all the rules in downloadable format go to:
The distance report.
Distance Report (opens in new tab):

One Response to USGA, R&A proposed rule changes for 2019, Plus Distance Report

  1. Mark April 2, 2018 at 8:21 am #

    These are all great ideas to speed-up play. You can’t fault them, really. One of my biggest bugbears has always been divots in the fairway, though. If you’ve done what you’re supposed to do (hit the fairway) and end up in a divot, you should get a free drop, no nearer the hole. Links golf is particularly bad for this, because of all the depressions and gathering points of what is, essentially, scrub land.

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