Tommy Gainey’s Golf Swing Analysis

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

If you were a decent player and you ran into Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey at the local muni and he offered to play you and give you a couple a side (this is after you saw his swing from a distance) I have no doubt you would jump on the opportunity. You would, of course, have your ass handed to you, as this guy, as awkward as he seems both in appearance and with his swing, can flat out play. In the video you will see that I compare Gainey to 3 players, Trevino, Hogan, and Graeme McDowell. Gainey’s funky looking move functions around his eccentric grip, which is massively strong with the left thumb completely off the club and the right hand so far under the shaft that the palm is almost facing upward. His pattern is out and around with the arms in the backswing, then dropping the entire body to reroute the club back to the shaft plane, much like Trevino’s action. His transition starts way early and his leg movement is similar to Hogan. His left wrist bows considerably as he lays the club off in an exaggerated fashion much like McDowell. The result is a powerful lash with an ungainly finish that compresses the ball to the max with the irons. He hit 160 pitching wedge shots more than once. It once again goes to show you the power of athletic talent and how the great game of golf allows for an incredible amount of variation in technique.

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Ryan January 26, 2012

I had a chance for the Isleworth experience a few years ago and it is everything you describe and more! Have a great time.

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