Tiger’s New Swing vs. 2000: Good News for Tiger Fans

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

It is apparent to me that Tiger has been looking intently at film of his old swings, and for good reason: it was an awesome move. The good news here is that the new swing that he tweeted just a while ago (October of 2017) looks a lot like the old one (I side by side the new one with one from 2000). A couple of things look different: his hand path in 2000 was more out in front of him toward the ball while his new swing’s hand path is more descending from the top, and in 2000 his hips cleared a bit faster and finished more “in the box” with more retention of right lateral bend than now, although with his back issues it is not surprising that he is more vertical and less bent over in the finish. He must find a way to swing with power and not hurt himself, and it remains to be seen what effect his lingering back issues will have on his ball striking when and if he can consistently play competitively. Overall, I think this swing is a hopeful sign, and I am one among many that are rooting for him.

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Jack October 23, 2017

Part of me is hoping for a full year or even two years with no re-injury for Tiger’s back. I have a selfish reason for that – I might need fusion surgery someday, and I’d like to see someone succeed at high swing speeds on the pga tour post-fusion surgery. Maybe there are other examples that I don’t know about. If so, who are they?

Wayne, you have had multiple microdiscectomies and fusion procedures, yes? What has been your perspective on the effect on your swing speed statistics? Have you felt less fearful of re-injury post fusion versus post microdiscectomy?

My swing speed has always been slow, even before my first injury, so I don’t really have a benchmark to compare to when I was young and healthy.

John October 24, 2017

‘Staying in the box’, is commonly very hard to do as we get older.

Mark October 24, 2017

I hope this lengthy break has done the trick. He needed it in his 30’s but was so focused on Jack’s record he never let himself recover properly. I hate to say it but I think that dream has now gone. Still wouldn’t write him off for one or two more though. It’s Tiger.

Lawrence October 25, 2017

Definitely want to see him compete again. A question Wayne. Will standing up out of his posture with more right arm throwing motion help shallow out the ball flight and allow a fade for more control? I think that may get him more Hogan like in his swing. He will not have the distance as before with age/surgeries but still the “Greatest Ever” from 1996-2009 in just over 13 seasons.

David W November 26, 2017

Thank you Wayne. Good Tiger refresh. Miss his competitiveness. Hoping he produces more magic! Will be watching. Go Tiger.

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