Tiger Woods is Swinging Well at the Wyndham (And it is Not Because He is Lowering Less)

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Yes, that’s right all you golfing pundits: Tiger’s head is dropping as much as it ever has. The only difference is that he has evened out the amount between the backswing and the downswing. So please, don’t say that he is not dipping or dropping or squatting or lowering as much now, because he is. The proof is in the swing.

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Sine August 23, 2015

Perhaps the swing mechanics have improved but it is still the 5 inches between his ears that has suffered the most. The personal traumas that he has endured seem to be the real key to his success. You are a person first and an athlete second. Both have to be in harmony.
Love your work.

Lance August 24, 2015

Maybe the “dipping” criticism we’ve heard over and over has some validity, but the dropping hands in transition are the real flaw instead of a dropping head. If Tiger ever got his hands moving at the ball with the shaft swallowing more ala Hogan, I bet the TV guys would proclaim the dipping problem fixed even though his head would lower the same amount.

Sean August 24, 2015

Maybe its just me, but isn’t it hard to tell what these big changes that he’s working on are? If he got his hands working more out wont this look just like 2013? The delusion isn’t that he’s “close” but mistaken, its that he’s close to exactly what it used to be and he somehow thinks its something new.

Brent August 26, 2015

John. See Wayne’s video on July 15 on Tiger. Around the 8 to 9 minute mark, he alludes to the point you’re making.
He mentions something about lowering too much early may freeze up of the legs some. (Maybe not exact words). I believe I seen elsewhere too that Wayne is leaning towards less lowering early.

Mark October 23, 2015

Have a read of this: http://doglegnews.com/harold-varner-iii-why-the-pga-tour-really-needs-this-young-man/

Harorld Varner is an interesting story but I wonder if he’d of licenced his name being used for a bit of Tiger bashing? Apparently, Tiger’s to blame for the demise of African Americans playing the PGA tour now? Never mind the endless list of good the man has done, or the fact his mother’s Asian… They just wont leave the poor bastard alone.

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