Tiger Woods Hand Path in Transition: 2000 to 2018

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I’ve been accumulating Tiger swings since I’ve had a laptop and I can run through just about every year between 1994 to present. In Tiger’s recent years I noticed a significant change: about 2009 his hands and arms began to drop straight down from the top in transition, totally different than the “hands out” movement he had utilized for a decade. His right arm, instead of moving back out in front of his chest like it used to, began to move back more behind his right rib cage, not only jamming his arm but discouraging rotation in the upper body at the same time. With his arm more behind him and his entire body opening slower he began to make more and more swings that were “stuck”, with the club at P6 well behind his hands, leading to blocks and hooks. In these swings from the 2018 Memorial Tiger appears to have returned to his previous technique in which his hands move out toward the ball in transition, his upper body opens sooner, and his hips are encouraged by the overall motion to rotate more freely. Watch where his left arm is at P5: way more in front of him and less across his chest. This is very reminiscent of his older swings, although the backswing is not as “away” from him as it was in 2000. It looks more natural and fluid to me, more like an athletic hitting or sidearm throwing motion. I think he’s all the way back with this swing.

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Everett July 24, 2018


I’m in China. Your site still works here. So I guess the Chinese Government still approves of your work.

Tigers squatting, which as you show causes the hands and arms to get stuck, reminds me of the Leadbetter teachings. All of his students (good to great players) I’ve had the chance to talk to over the years discuss the squatting technique at the top of the swing. I always wondered what was the purpose. After listening to you over the years, now I suspect it was a fake way to compress to the ground. I cant think of a better way to figure out why it was taught.

Every single player who followed this squatting technique started to fight blowing balls into right field as they got into their forties. This matched with no longer taking divots and picking everything.

I never saw a great hitter of the baseball squat before they swung. I’ve seen many compress.

Thank you for great insight into how even the greatest players can get a little lost at times.

Constant work in progress……….

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