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Tiger at the 2011 Chevron: Finally, a Win!

Here we have Tiger’s swing at this year’s Chevron where he birdied the last two holes to finally pull off a win. The most amazing thing to watch is the huge difference from last year to this year. Watching the radical change in rehearsal swing mechanics you would think that Tiger had a new coach and a whole new swing theory, but the truth is that Sean Foley is smart enough to see the reality of the Trackman numbers and change his tune on Tiger’s downswing hand path, and Tiger likes and trusts Foley enough to go along with the change of direction. This swing is looking awfully good now, I would say as good as it has ever been, and I see Tiger having a good year next year and contending in the majors. I can’t tell you how much I am rooting for him (although my wife has serious issues with that) if only because I can’t wait for the naysayers like Brandel Chamblee and Dan Jenkins to eat their words.


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