Tiger at Bay Hill: Back to #1

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the changes Tiger has made in the last 3 or so years. People seem disbelieving when Tiger proclaims that a serious swing change or what turns out to be a whole pattern change takes a relatively huge amount of time to implement and then trust on the golf course. This one has taken a few years to really kick in, and now it would seem that he is back to his dominating self. It’s pretty amazing that the guy can continually reinvent himself with different techniques, and we get a bird’s eye view of what Tiger considers to be improvements in his swing and his evolving view of what the swing should do.
It is my opinion that Tiger chooses his instructors based on whether their ideas correspond with his own regarding how the swing works. He seems to pay close attention to Hogan’s swing and now is moving further away from the swing that he had with Butch Harmon back in the early 2000’s. In this video we focus on the changes he has made since 2009, and as you will see they are significant. He has won 6 out of 20 events with this new action, so it is now working as well as any of his other iterations. Of course, the test is the majors, and it would appear that he is destined to win at least one a year for the foreseeable future. He is back to dominating form, and you have to remember that he has won 14 majors, 10 more than anyone else currently playing, and has the experience to give him an advantage over any other player in contention. As I said last month, this is as good a swing as you will ever see, and if his putting and short game continue to be sharp he will continue to contend and win.

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Benjamin April 2, 2013

Hi Wayne,

besides the grip change, how in your opinion do you think Tiger is getting the shaft more vertical at left arm parallel?

Would the hands closer / lower have anything to do with this? Or is it more the steeper shoulder tilt?


Chris April 3, 2013

How Wayne do you think he will pass Jack with this swing?

Hunter Bishop April 11, 2013

The big thing with Tiger (as with all other bombers, at least somewhat) is that they don’t fear a miss to both sides. Tiger can aim left and swing as hard as he can and know that at worst he’s in the right rough.

With the tech today plus the incredible strength, driving accuracy isn’t all that important. A more important stat to look at is his distance from the pin from 50-125 yards, in which he’s improved from 83 in 2012 to 43 so far in 2013, a distance change of over a foot and a half.

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