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Tiger 2018: Best it’s Been in 12 Years

Tiger is back with a swing that I think rivals any he has ever made. I like everything about it, but the biggest difference I see and the one thing I was hoping he would change was his hand path in transition. Looking at swings up to 2006 Tiger’s hands always worked out toward the ball as his left arm responded more passively to his trunk rotation. For the next 12 years his hands would start the downswing by dropping straight down, sometimes even pulling back behind him, jamming his right arm and making it difficult for him to rotate and “get around” on the ball, leading to too many off line drives. It would appear now that he has gone back to a more natural transition, one that reminds me of the starting motion for baseball hitting or throwing. He now has way more freedom for his right arm, with the added bonus of the fact that aiming the hands out toward or above the ball in transition encourages aggressive lower body rotation and makes it easier to accomplish. By moving the hands and arms downward in transition the rotation of the body is slowed by a fraction while the right arm attaches to the side too soon, enough to cause major problems at high speed. It doesn’t look like that anymore. I think he can get back to #1 with this action.



3 Responses to Tiger 2018: Best it’s Been in 12 Years

  1. John July 18, 2018 at 10:01 pm #

    It looks great but his stats don’t really show it. Ranks 176th in Driving accuracy this year. GIR 97th but influenced by his driving. Putts per round is a misleading stat but his has been ok the first two rounds but falling off a cliff on weekends.
    He has to do three things to win: (1) Get rid of his tendency to lash at it with the driver. (2) Putt better on the weekends (3) Believe he can do (1) and (2).

  2. Cary July 24, 2018 at 11:10 am #

    Tiger is driving it better, but his iron game is definitely not as sharp and not getting enough short birdie attempts. I believe that Tiger was hitting a 3w and not a driver in the second swing showed. And something that has plagued Tiger for awhile which is making too many mistakes down the stretch.

  3. Cary July 24, 2018 at 11:17 am #

    Tiger is making a sort of strange practice swing in which he is swing the club more narrowly on the backswing as well as crossing the line, what do you think he is trying to feel?

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