The Future of Golf: Weston Weilminster

By Wayne | Videos: Lesson of the Week

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John Neeson April 27, 2015

Being a ‘big’ kid is such an advantage in golf since they are more stable and don’t have to swing themselves inside-out to hit the ball a playable distance. I’ve seen several puny kids develop a lot of bad habits when young in order to attempt longer shots.
We have a 12 yo kid at our club who has a swing every bit as good as Weston’s. He flattens in transition and exits low and left, a little like Garcia. Trouble is he is small and only weighs about 85 lbs. His driver only goes about 200 yds. But in two or three years he will be a guaranteed scratch golfer when he can reach all the greens – since he can already shape it both ways and he’s the best chipper I’ve ever seen.
I need to get his dad to feed him a few more steaks.

Fraser April 27, 2015

Great athletic movement in the downswing! Awesome to watch kids evolve.

Mark April 27, 2015

Im giggling Wayne , this swing is so so good.

We just need to work on his taste in clothing :).

Lawrence April 28, 2015

What great action! I see Angel Cabrera in that young man. Guide him by having fun. A little competition and a little technical advice. Best to you both in his quest.

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