Testimonials: Tamim Mohammad

By Wayne | Testimonials

Mr. DeFracesco,

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but just wanted to let you know I shot 79 yesterday for the first time breaking 80 thanks to the information and analyses of golf swings you have shared online, combined of course with my background in basketball, football and baseball. I’ve had more practice than I should have had this past winter here in Boston, as I was so excited to learn about Mr. Hogan’s swing, and your validation of controlled lowering of the head through the back and down swing, as well as the initial movement of hands in the down swing. I’ve never hit the ball so solid, the compression principles you speak of are really helpful. I love your videos on Hogan and Woods, the similarities you point out have really inspired me to enliven Hogan’s swing to the extent possible. Thanks again to that end.