Testimonials: Jim Miller

By Wayne | Testimonials

Wayne: Thanks for the reply. So many questions and so little time! Just got in from the course after the easiest 74 I’ve shot in a long, long, time. I’m all in and have bought / watched / practiced / videoed myself doing the start – stop drills on the PCS DVD’s and especially the impact drill. Ditto how to “flatten” the shaft/clubhead back to the address shaft plane by working the right arm onto the right chest as the hands fall. Brilliant!. I’m not totally there yet as it took me about 20 range hours to even begin making reliable progress. It’ll be more weeks till I’m even remotely close to having the correct hip action ingrained to some degree of certainty. Right now I’m thinking a good bit as I play but the number of wayward shots has dramatically come down over the last few days. Since reviewing all the stuff on your site I’m compressing the ball 90% better and regained real control over the gowf ball for the first time in years. I can actually hit a ball where I want it to go and the wedges are dead on. Video tells me I’m closer than I’ve ever been to a proper rotational swing as I – most of the time – lower in both back / through swings. I ain’t making this stuff up neither! I now need to enhance my forward shaft lean as I continue cranking in the rotational skills. Not easy as I’ve always had an old school release pattern with early extension but they’re a challenge and allot of fun.
– Jim Miller