Testimonials: Derek Cribb

By Wayne | Testimonials

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for analyzing my swing, it was very informative and helpful.

I played the last two weeks and shot 76-80 (tough courses) I was very happy with my play the courses I played were both over 7500 yards and in very wet/cold conditions. The Swing is coming along very nicely, My practice sessions have been very productive and my shots are getting a lot tighter in shot dispersion, just gonna keep being patient with it and work hard.. I have set my goal at the end of the year to try and qualify on the Asian tour, I have always wanted to play as a tour pro since I was young and even thou I am a little old, I still have a burning desire to give it a try!! ( I know it is really tough and hard ) but I still want to give it a go!!

Well Wayne, thanks for the advice it has helped my game immensely, really appreciate the work you do with the website and watching your video’s are really enjoyable and educational..

will keep you updated