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Basement Tapes: Takeaway Variations (Video 1 of 5)

By Wayne | Videos: Basement Tapes

I’m down in the basement again and this time I’ve created a short five-video lecture series. The information in each lecture builds upon what is presented in the previous video so make certain to watch them in order. The series begins here with “Takeaway Variations”. In this lecture I discuss two variations of the “one piece takeaway” where the whole upper trunk moves in unison and the “Right Forearm Takeaway” where the right forearm, rather than staying straight like in the one piece takeaway, bends as the club-face rotates to toe up at P2. I discuss how the various takeaways affect what happens after P2 and things you’ll want to both avoid and achieve with each variation. Tomorrow’s “Basement Tapes” lecture is: “Loading in the Backswing”.

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What Starts the Swing?

By Wayne | blog

I just spent the day with my student Kevin Streelman at the Sanderson Farms Classic PGA Tour event in Jackson, Mississippi, where we resumed our efforts to find a way to break Kevin’s habit of triggering his swing with too much…

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