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Basement Tapes: Loading in the Backswing (Video 2 of 5)

By Wayne | Videos: Basement Tapes

Today we continue with the second segment of this five-video “Basement Tapes” lecture series: “Loading in the Backswing”. The information in each lecture builds upon what is presented in the previous video so make certain to watch them in order. First, I give a quick description of where your weight should be located for various shots and then I progress into the details of what loading is including how and when to load. !IMPORTANT! One thing I forgot to mention in the loading video was that while I favor right loading and want to see the head move to the right I only want it to move 1-2 inches to the right. Also, it’s important for the hips to stay in the box and not sway to the right from the face on view. Monday’s “Basement Tapes” lecture is: “The Transition”

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Lesson of the Week: Brian McCullough Part 2

By Wayne | Videos: Lesson of the Week

After you watch this video, be sure to go back and watch the first “Student Lesson” with Brian that we did in early June. I have seen Brian once in between these two pieces, and what is apparent is something that holds true in general when teaching decent players who want to get to the next level. Depending on how long they have been playing (and fighting the limitations of their technique) we usually end up working on the same things for at least a few lessons.

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