Swing Comparison: Danny Willett and Jordan Spieth

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I couldn’t resist doing this comparison as the two are hitting the same shot on the same hole with the same fixed camera from almost the exact same spot. They both hit incredible pressure iron shots, with Spieth going pretty much right at the flag and Willett favoring a bit more of a right to left trajectory. As with any comparison there are similarities (which we could all take note of and try to emulate as these are two of the best on the planet) and some striking differences. I always find these examinations to be interesting and educational. Enjoy.

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John May 3, 2016

I have always liked Willett’s action. It looks pretty simple to the naked eye.
I normally set my wrists very late in the BS and I think this is one of the causes of my arms running off after my shoulder turn has finished (and lifting).
When I try to set my wrists really early I feel my swing is loaded earlier and I can keep the arm swing a bit shorter.
It is a timing-related thing for me. When I feel that I have a BS like Willett, I am actually just hitting positions that are normal for most people.
Does this make sense?

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