Swing Analysis: What’s Wrong with Ryo Ishikawa?

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

In this particular video I am going to offer my two cents on what is up with Ryo Ishikawa, the young Japanese superstar who is presently going through a rough spot with his game.

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Clemens January 23, 2012

Hi Wayne, when it comes to Ryo´s right arm pinched and the club crossing the line wouldn´t you say he could be helped by rotating his right arm more? I (utter layman) think that would promote the flaring of his right arm and help to plan up the club.

Adam Auger January 26, 2012

Wayne you should send Ryo a tweet to check out your analysis.

David February 25, 2012

Nick Faldo is a dumbass. Queen Victoria would be sad to see that her once great Empire is now knighting a fool such as this.

Now this is a good video.
Although I’m sure if I was infatuated with Ryo the way I am with Rory, I’d start in with my usual nonsense. It would’ve been better if you’d have stated some of the detrimental effects of being across the line and then suggested some of the good things that will likely result from changing that. Instead, you compare him to Obi-Wan and then say, “See Obi-Wan? See Ryo?” Yeah, and..?
What are some of the consequences of these flaws? This is a fantastic video, and perhaps there were time constraints, considering it’s already pretty long. But it would indeed have been interesting to hear you elaborate on some of the negative effects associated with having the club cross the line at the top, and then gone on to explain how changing that would alleviate them. It might help to familiarize oneself with the typical shot patterns of players before making inferences. This was a problem with the McIlroy videos.
For instance, it could be helpful to say, assuming it’s true, “Ryo hits a lot of high pulls. From the study of several different videos spanning 2-3 years of his career, I have deduced that his club is across the line, and can from this draw the not unreasonable conclusion that, as he transitions into the downswing… etc…” Or something like that. And then proceed to show this by way of video analysis.
And explain WHY the across-the-line is a poor position, rather than just saying, “Hogan’s here. He’s a good player. Ryo’s playing bad. He’s here. He should be where Hogan is.”
Alright. That’s all. This is seriously a great video, though.
One of your best, I’d say.

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