Swing Analysis: Wayne D. Prepping for the National Senior Club Pro Championship

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

These swings represent another day (or two) in the life of a golfer trying to execute a swing that does what he knows will hit the ball better. What this constant studying shows is that chronic issues are usually mechanical in nature, and that seeing the same mistakes over and over, while hugely annoying, is the only way to decide what exactly to focus on when trying to improve.

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Tom November 2, 2016

“The real difficulty lies in the fact that the swing is a pattern and that every element, from the grip to the posture to the balance at address to the trigger of the swing and then into every moving piece, has a role in determining what happens in the one second between the first movement of the clubhead and impact, and that every new thought has the potential to affect in some way what each part of the body does at any given moment.”

Brilliantly lucid insight.

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