Swing Analysis: Wayne D. Back at It

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is the first time in a while that I’ve posted my swing, mostly because it’s the first time I’ve actually been able to practice for over a year. I like what I’m seeing here (I’m just getting started and have 5 weeks before my first event) and I think I can now get my body to accomplish what I see in my mind. I do have some limitations, however, in that my trunk mobility (or lack thereof) is going to force me to shorten my swing and go for a harder catch in transition and probably a faster overall tempo. I feel stronger overall after working out every day since my surgery December 9th, and if I lose any speed I feel that I will more than make up for it with better technique and more solid, consistent contact. Right now my main objectives are to quiet the left leg by pushing down on the left heel to trigger the backswing and also by shortening the swing in general so that my upper body turn doesn’t pull my left hip forward and cause me to lose track of where I am in regards to hip depth and amount and rate of clearing. I am gaining on getting the shoulder turn to feel steeper while the right upper arm gains space and gets higher at left arm parallel in the backswing, and the feeling of opening the face with my hands while the trunk movement continues is helping me swing the shaft up the plane in the takeaway, another long time annoyance for me. Moving forward I hope to be able to deepen my hips in the forward swing and get my upper right arm more in front of me so that I can sustain better past impact with my irons.

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Chuck July 8, 2015

Wayne – looking thinner! It’s always nice to see my teacher out there working on things and going through some similar struggles. Thank you for sharing.

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