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Swing Analysis: Tony Finau

This is a great golf swing. Finau is a strong, rangy guy at 6’ 4” and 200 lbs., and he has come up with a simple, compact move that produces oodles of power. There just isn’t a whole lot going on here you might have a problem with other than the fact that the shaft is a hair under plane in the takeaway, but he opens the face and gets the club up on plane at left arm parallel so nicely that when that’s just about all the swing he needs to hit the ball a mile there’s not much that is going to go significantly wrong. His lower body movement is exemplary and looking at his arms when he is approaching impact reminds me of Vijay Singh, although I much prefer Finau’s leftward release and exit to Singh’s down the line extension (with his right hand coming completely off the club after impact). Finau is just solid all the way through and I would expect him to have great success going forward.


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