Swing Analysis: Tommy Fleetwood

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I didn’t realize until I looked at the stats, but Fleetwood may be the best ball striker currently on the planet. The winner of this year’s Race to Dubai drives it an average of just under 300 yards and hits 70 % of his fairways, which obviously puts him into position to hit a lot of greens, which he does, his 77% GIR 3 full points better than anyone on the European Tour. His backswing could be a model for anyone, and with his strength and trunk mobility it sets him up to hit the ball exceptionally well. I love the way he maintains his left wrist cup in the takeaway with all sorts of width all the way to the top, where he gets the club fully to parallel with the longer clubs unlike many of the younger players today. One thing you wouldn’t expect to see is his movement toward the ball with his upper body as he reaches the top of the swing, but it does not have the usual consequences as he makes an incredible pelvic move to stay deep with his hips and to clear his left side in a timely fashion. He compresses gradually during the entire swing until P6 (click here for an explanation of “P” positions) when he really uses the ground to drive his lower body up and to the left, firing his glutes and the back of his left leg to rotate the pelvis hard around to the finish, which appears somewhat cut off but is really about as full as it can get with the huge drive of his upper right side through impact. He also has a strange looking head drop right at impact, and keeps his eyes glued to the ground well past impact. His putting stats are woeful, ranking 199th out of 207 players in average putts per round, but that is not surprising since he hits it so much better than anyone else, another indication that great ball striking.

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Jack December 6, 2017

Cool looking swing. Incredible ability to keep his shoulders out and steep through impact. I notice that when he approaches impact, his right shoulder is quite a bit farther out toward the ball compared to that bent right elbow. He’s able to do this because of his ability to keep his whole upper torso really bent over at the waist. I’m finally trying to do this kind of thing now that my lower back is in better shape than it has been. I may have to modify what I am doing to approximate the same kind of thing without hurting myself.

Oh to be 26 again!

Mark December 7, 2017

Really pleased you have done an analysis of Tommy’s swing Wayne. I am from the UK and have followed his career since he was an amateur playing in events with a talented youngster from my own club. He is now playing on the Euro Pro Tour which is a 3rd Tier tour and Tommy won the Race to Dubai so it just shows you.

I have always loved his swing so it was good to hear your thoughts, I always assumed he was hitting a punch shot a lot of the time with his cut off follow through (which I really like as well) but you explain why it is in effect a full follow through. I do notice he grips down his clubs quite a bit which maybe makes him feel like he has even more control. Anyway, thanks for a fab anaysis as always.

I am going down the Chesson Hadley / Josh Eure route and I can’t watch those video’s enough! They are definitely helping my swing / ball striking and I would recommend them to all.

Bryan July 26, 2018

Am I mistaken or is there a Johnny Miller look to his down swing positions?

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