Swing Analysis: Tiger Woods Through the Years Part 2 of 2 (2003-2014)

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Tiger Week continues with Part Two of “Tiger Woods Through the Years”. We pick up in 2003 where Tiger pretty much didn’t have a coach. He’d gotten away from Butch but had not yet hired Hank. Interestingly enough the swings of this short period are my favorites in a career full of great swings. I continue on with swings from the Haney period and finish up with the Foley years.

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Marc November 5, 2014

Thanks Wayne great video! Out of interest, technically why/how does the ‘early years’ Tiger get crossed at the top of his swing. And more so how did he fix it?

Phil November 6, 2014

Towards the end of the video you have a swing that you say was 2014. (Face on, light blue shirt, and you mentioned it was double exposed). Problem is his golf bag says “Buick”. I believe this swing was from 2008 or early 2009.

Philip Palmer November 6, 2014

Hey Wayne, great, great video. Hard to believe given Streel’s success that Tiger doesn’t call you for some sessions.

Chris November 7, 2014


I love your insights Wayne. What news would be bigger than if after Friday Tiger decides to call you a call.

Anyway, I agree that 2003 swing is mint and his swing in the subsequent years following (2004-2006) were the best years of swings. With Butch he was always a little crossed and wide with the takeaway. In those years he tightened both of those areas along with a phenomenal hand path.

For all these jokers saying if they had an hour with Tiger he would win majors I put money on you having the best information to close that gap. If he came to you I believe he would improve immensely and start to win, if healthy, at an alarming rate.

Thanks again for all your insights.



Mark November 7, 2014

It’d be really interesting to hear Tiger’s views on the changes he made himself. I.e. whether he knew the hand path had changed or was it a result of working on other stuff?

The freedom he showed in his right arm in the backswing (2003), must play a large part.

I’d like to know where Foley was going with Tiger’s set-up, too. That one confused the hell out of me. Talk about complicating the issue.

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