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Swing Analysis: Tiger, Ernie, Yani in the Bunker

I was scrolling through my model videos and I came across some bunker shots that I had saved under the heading “bunker”, and when I played each one I found I had some very cool shots of a few great bunker players. The two shots of Tiger are very telling, and the one that is shot on a perfect down the line angle gives us a great view of what I would consider standard bunker technique (done almost perfectly). Another shot of Tiger shows his hand action and clubhead release through impact. The camera catches Ernie in the same pose, swinging the right hand under the ball and keeping the clubface facing skywards. Tseng is shown in the bunker executing a technique designed to get the ball up quickly for a short shot. You also see Darren Clarke hitting a runner and Greg Chalmers hitting a long one.

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