Swing Analysis: The “Hands-Out Move” Dominates the Tour

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I like to go through the TV telecasts that I DVR, pick the interesting swings and load them onto my camera, then load them onto my computer and into my V1, then go through and attach names to them, and then (finally) watch all of them to figure out what kind of video I am going to do. Most of the time I will pick out one or two guys who are playing well and are on camera a bunch and do a swing analysis, or other times, like this one, I will find a general theme amongst the swings and try to identify it. I think it is fairly obvious that if you are watching the best players and analyzing their swings in real time and slow motion while they are under pressure that you can find some commonalities amongst them, and it is not a great leap to consider that if a large majority of good players are doing a certain thing then that thing would be a good thing to do. In this video you see the transition move of the players populating the top of the leaderboards in the first couple tourneys of the year, and what stands out in the prevalence of a “hands-out” move from the top as opposed to one where the hands drop straight down or even backwards. The hands- out move is a right elbow forward and in front of the chest move, one that encourages deep hips and aggressive body rotation. As far as I’m concerned this type of transition movement has replaced the conventional instruction to “let the arms fall into the slot” with one that says (as Hogan stated it almost 60 years ago) that the golf swing motion is closest to a combination side-arm and underhand throw. This more athletic movement would give way more people a chance to feel some athleticism in their own swings.

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Sean January 17, 2014

Has there ever been a flatter shoulder turn amongst top players than zach johnson? At the top he’s basically standing straight up and rotating, creating a very “dull” angle. And check out how unlevel his elbows are. And how his waist line angle also loses its tilt coming down.

Steve January 18, 2014

Just updated browser to windows 8.1. Sometimes video appears below the text and I can play it, and sometimes there is just a blank space and no video. I have not successfully played the one armed bandit video because I cannot get this one to appear at all. I’m flummoxed,.

Mark January 20, 2014

Really hope you watched the Humana on Sunday. Faldo came out with some crackers. If he could just stop talking about himself for 5 minutes and analyse stuff properly, he might come up with something worth listening to.

Big hoo ha about Reed’s left foot. Said Seasick Steve.

Tom January 21, 2014

Wayne, looks like Kuchar has maybe gone back to his flatter swing versus those swings you captured last fall where it looked like he changed his swing plane to be more upright.

Love these compliation videos. Add some music and you’ll have replicated those old Al Geiberger Sybervision videos!

russ aragon January 21, 2014

Great job WD, question what do you think “kicks” the shaft out at the top, the back elbow or the front knee pull.

Thanks Russ

Mark January 22, 2014

“to me, the most important thing is the movement of the lower half, from the top of the swing”… “you start with your hips and your knees, most people do it entirely opposite” – Hogan (paraphrased)

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