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Swing Analysis: Secret in the Dirt’s “Sevam1” (aka Michael Maves)

You may wonder why in the world I would bother analyzing a swing of a non-tour player and compare it to Hogan, but here I think the analysis is relevant when you consider the popularity of Secret in the Dirt and Maves’ association with Steve Elkington. I certainly respect Elk and his high standard of play, and I know that he is a devoted searcher of golf swing information, and since Maves puts his swing up for view (which he is to be commended for) I feel that it is fair game for the same type of analysis I give Tour pros. Why compare him to Hogan? Well, Maves is a Hogan aficionado, as am I, and has opinions about just about every part of Hogan’s swing, as I do as well. So, call it competitiveness or whatever you want, but when I watch someone talk about what Hogan is doing and how what his swing (Maves) is doing to mimic and demonstrate his take on Hogan I certainly take note and focus more closely on just what is going on.
What we see here is that while Maves has the Hogan rhythm down to a “T”, the rest of it does not really compare. The bottom line is that Maves’ release is completely different than Hogan’s, and if you are going to talk about what Hogan is doing and then hit shots and ramble on about how your swing has it down and everyone else is too complicated (he calls the work of other instructors “baloney”) then I feel obligated to present the real facts, and here the facts (his swing) doesn’t back him up. It is nothing like what Hogan is doing right from the inside takeaway to the lift and back-up of the head, the under plane approach and the right arm roundhouse release with the over rotated clubface. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I take my Hogan work seriously and if someone is going to claim to know what Hogan is doing I am going to take a close look at it. I am just reporting objectively what is present on the video.

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