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Swing Analysis: Scott Langley

This is a young lefty with a great future. His swing demonstrates many of the movements and positions that I prefer, which is, of course, why I like it so much. His left arm movement in the takeaway is right out of Hogan, and his lower body movement and sidearm throwing action is both graceful and athletic. He produces a lot of power out of a relatively short swing, which bodes well for his overall consistency, and his shot-making ability was on full display the last round at Innisbrook, when he hit a couple of the best punch shots you will ever see. He does tend to set up a bit toward his heels and then move forward toward the ball with his upper body in the backswing, but he is more than saved by his great use of his hips and midsection as he stays deep and creates plenty of space for his left arm to move in front of his chest in the downswing. I would be surprised if we didn’t see more of Langley in some big events this year.


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