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Swing Analysis: Rory McIlroy at the 2017 British Open

Having watched Rory with interest since he emerged as a player to be reckoned with I believe that he has continued to improve his technique and is certainly capable, barring injuries, to go on a run reminiscent of his major championship years. The main item I see is greater hip depth in the backswing, which lessens his tendency to lean forward approaching the top while pulling his right arm behind him. His club looks to be in better position, less across the line, at the top, and his transition has his right arm pulling less behind him, eventually giving him more space for his arms in the forward swing and helping his right leg drive more inward rather than out toward the ball. For someone as good as Rory these changes are going to be subtle and almost unnoticeable, but I would guess that he has worked on keeping the shaft more on plane at the top at least partially by feeling more pressure head to his right heel in the backswing. He has always initiated his swing with a counter-rotation of his pelvis as a trigger, but instead of lowering immediately to P2 (Click here for “P” positions explanation video) in the backswing he is now staying much taller and is able to keep his head from leaning forward, promoting a more balanced pivot movement. I also see a bit less of the outward movement of the hands and arms away from the ball in the takeaway, and then less of the right upper arm pull back at the top, accounting for the more on plane appearance of the shaft, although these signature characteristics of his swing, while less in degree, remain.


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