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Swing Analysis: Rafael Cabrera Bello

So right off I have to admit I was wrong in the video when I said Cabrera Bello was not a big guy. At 6’2” and 180 lbs. he definitely qualifies as “pretty big” in my book, and when you look at the definition in his arms and overall look of fitness you would have to surmise that he is quite strong as well. He would rank around 90th on the PGA Tour in driving distance (he is not ranked as he is not a Tour member) and his GIR percentage of just under 70% would place him at 8th. His backswing is exemplary, although his trigger movement, a pushing forward of both shoulders, could cause problems with an average player. It doesn’t cause Bello any issues, and you would not go wrong copying his positions and tempo in the backswing and transition, as it is right on plane at the top with a perfectly neutral left wrist. He doesn’t drive his right upper arm inward like I would prefer but makes up for that with his pelvic movement, creating plenty of space for his arms to work in front of him. His shaft approach is slightly steeper than some, but certainly that is preferable to anything that comes in behind the hands. He lets his right leg swing freely outward (which probably goes along with the high right arm and less flattening of the shaft), but it does not thrust toward the ball and thus does not disrupt his ability to clear his left side. His left wrist is still somewhat cupped late in the downswing, but without a good slow motion face on view to look at it is hard to tell what type of release he is using, although it does work nicely around to the left.


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