Swing Analysis: Practice Round at the Barclays

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This video is kind of long, but you will understand when you start watching and you see shots of Kevin Streelman, Boo Weekley, Luke Donald, Charl Schwartzel and Sergio Garcia shot on the course at 300 fps and a tripod. Kevin was going to play 9 by himself, and when we got to the tee Luke’s caddy was waiting there without Luke. We hit off, and when we were in the fairway Luke hit up as well. As Luke was walking down the fairway Sergio and Charl walked up to the tee and hit off as well. I had the camera and tripod with me, so I took advantage and got some awesome shots. I was psyched to get a shot of Luke from face on with the wedge, as I was thinking about the forward shaft lean controversy stoked by our buddy Brandel Chamblee. Schwartzel is an amazing ball striker, and he hit a drive 30 by Kevin after Kevin just roasted one. We calculated that Kevin had hit it 305, and Charl was out there 335. Amazing! Sergio flushes it with that funky move. The ball takes off different than with almost anyone, and he has effortless power. All the while Kevin is hitting is just as good as any of them, and it was cool to see that. Kevin is on his way to being a top 10 player, and all of you on the website will be right there to watch.

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Philip Palmer August 25, 2014

Thank you for sharing Wayne, that is an incredible tutorial !!

Tony August 25, 2014

I agree with Philip.
Seriously interesting.

Fascinating the variations. Things like amount of left movement in hips to start downswing. Sergio very little, even Schwartzel not a lot, yet both huge clubhead speed.
Also fascinating the forward lean of shaft at impact with driver with those two players, presumably getting the ball air borne requires the right club. Some sort of combination of loft, shaft flex, weight distribution in head….

Wayne, I would love to see you do a critique of Plummer and Bennet’s video “Stack and Tilt 2.0, By the Numbers”. In particular the graphs they do of the amount of left tilt, right tilt, flexion and extension that occur during the swing. Seems to fit in with what you are saying about the pivot.

russ aragon August 25, 2014

Thanks buddy! That was so cool, you know I will watch this one about 100 times! Just unparalleled knowledge that you provide for us. Thanks for sharing.



It’s in the dirt!

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