Swing Analysis: Pitch Shots from the Match Play Championship

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I thought I would do a compilation of different pitch shots the players hit at Austin CC in the recent Match Play championship. here has been some debate recently about “using the bounce” versus “using the leading edge”, and here we see that good players have to have both techniques in their arsenal and must be able to call them into play when needed.

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Peter April 18, 2016

The use of bounce and quiet hands is a must when conditions are soft imho.
I often employ a ‘Faldo’ tip to assist on this shot. Ever so slightly raise the right heel (maybe 1/2″ and keep it there throughout the swing. This keeps the legs very quiet and eliminates most up/down motion on the pitch shot (obviously not a long shot, say max 30 metres). This in turn leads to a very flat bottom of the swing arc. No digging or lurching forward, movements which lead to either fat’s or sculls!

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