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Swing Analysis: Phil Mickelson Actually Makes a Change

I have said at least a few times in the past that Phil Mickelson has never changed his swing. He has claimed that he has done this and that but his standard pattern has remained the same, and the video has proved it. Recently, however, he has changed teachers and touted a “new plane”, a statement I disagreed with earlier in the year. But, after watching him at the British Open and studying his more recent swings, I now agree with his assessment that he has changed his action significantly for the better, as you will see in this video. Many of his signature moves are the same (the head backing way up, the left leg shooting out from under him after impact, his throw release with his left hand almost coming completely off the grip), but the shaft is taking a different, more shallow route, which is most definitely a positive change. Making Phil’s swing look more conventional would be a fool’s errand, and his new instructor has done a great job in avoiding this and selecting an item to change that wouldn’t really alter his basic motion, but would offer better ball striking results.


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