Swing Analysis: Patrick Reed 2016

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Here is a video that is proof that if you are gifted enough you can hit the golf ball exceptionally well while doing a bunch of things that most teachers would regard as poor technique. At full speed Reed’s swing looks perfectly normal, and since he routinely hits great shots and wins lots of money you might figure that it would be something to emulate. When we slow it down, however, we see that a lot of what he does any decent teaching pro would never think of teaching.

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John October 26, 2016

Looks like a right-handed Phil. He has no shape, his footwork is awful and his release is as ugly as it gets. You certainly wouldn’t teach anyone to hit all these strange positions and then expect them to play Tour level golf. But – he has those magic ingredients of talent, hard work and belief in himself.

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