Swing Analysis: Miguel Angel Jiminez

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

The “most interesting man in golf” has one of the most interesting swings you will ever see, as evidenced here in my analysis. He starts with a conventional set up and grip, then begins his swing with a slight lift of the arms and very little upper trunk movement. At about shaft parallel things start to get weird. He makes a deep move back with his right leg (without straightening his right knee) and folds both his arms into to his body, the antithesis of “width”. At left arm parallel that arm is more bent than any good player I can think of, and his right arm follows by staying close to his side and bending a bunch as well. It is not surprising that his hands are fully behind his head at the top, and with a major amount of hip turn and those bent arms it would seem impossible that he could recover enough to be a world class ball striker. Alas, that is exactly what he does, with an amazing combination of lower body movement and right arm extensor action. He re-lengthens his arms while cocking the club (the essence of extensor action) with an outward hand movement that repositions his right arm back in front of his chest, and lays the shaft back with the face nice and open heading into the ball. He backs his head up a large amount (a la Mickelson) and semi-flips the clubhead through impact, but obviously does it well enough and consistently enough to be as good as he is. It is not the swing you would send your young students off to study, but there are elements that are exceptional, and once again the entire thing shows everyone that you can break a lot of supposed “rules” and still hit a golf ball well most of the time.

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russ aragon September 14, 2013

Great stuff! You know what WD what seems to be the theme is great ball strikers lower on the down swing to get the wrists in line to keep the face square. I don’t know if this is a conscious move or not but try it. Its amazing!

thanks Russ

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