Swing Analysis: Matteo Manassero

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is a wonderful swing designed more for ball control than power, but is obviously powerful enough to have already won a few times on the European Tour at a very young age. Manassero’s swing mechanics are excellent, and as the swing unfolds you can see that most of his positions and movements are right out of the Wayne D. list of preferences. He and his coach have expressed a desire to create more distance with all the clubs (especially the driver), and it is fairly clear why he is lacking a bit in that element of his game. The problem, as I see it, is that his right arm likes to fall into his side instead of driving more in front of his chest, which creates a wider release and has him maintaining his wrist angles though the impact area, all nice things for ball control. The problem is that he does the same thing with his driver, and since he is not a big guy he doesn’t possess the physical strength to create speed with the clubhead with his hands and forearms staying fairly neutral through impact. You can see in the video that his right wrist is bent all the way past impact with the driver, and there is no way that the club is going to move as fast that way as it would if the right hand had a more free release. His game is going to be accuracy and precision with all the clubs in his bag, and if he tried to change the thing up too much who knows what would happen? As it is now he is almost guaranteed to have a nice career and will be able to pick the courses that will better suit his game.

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Mark December 23, 2013

I must admit (re. Chris’s comment) this has been making me think a bit too. When you analyse Hogan hitting irons there’s a definite “cutting back” of the right hip at about left arm parallel, almost pushing his left hip past its original position, before he starts his downswing. His head also moves towards the target, a good third outside the box.

This cut back move is delayed with the driver, however, and his head doesn’t move anywhere near as forward, even backing up a little. Stenson and Scott appear to do the same thing, early cut back and big lateral head move with the irons, delayed cut back and head in-the-box with the driver.

What are your thoughts?

Connor Thomson December 26, 2013

You must remember that Hogan was driving his driver straight down, producing that low peeling ball flight. I’m not 100% sure that was his reasoning for the for having his hip forward, but it gives you the feeling of a more downward AofA.

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