Swing Analysis: Matt Kuchar 2016

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This was a fun one to do because it is rare to see obvious changes to a Tour player’s golf swing. Kuchar has gone from an idiosyncratic backswing that was as deep and behind him as anyone on tour to one where the hands, arms and club stay much more in front of his body. Much of this is accomplished by the combination of up-cocking the left wrist in the takeaway, moving the upper right arm more upward and away from the body than in the past, and restricting his lower body rotation in the backswing.

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Tom June 6, 2016

Great analysis. It’s amazing how much Kuchar’s swing has changed since he first came on the Tour.

It would be interesting to hear Chris O’Connell’s analysis of the Kuchar’s most recent changes. Kuchar’s upper right arm action in transition now is not close to what Jim Hardy advocates in his “One Plane” books.

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