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Swing Analysis: Luke List

List is one of the longest hitters on the Tour (he’s averaging 320 this year), which is pretty amazing considering how smooth and effortless his swing appears to the eye. He is a big fellow at 6’2”, 190 lbs. (that seems to be the new Tour prototype) and has paid his dues over the 9 years he’s been a pro, playing mini-tours and the Web.Com before getting his card at the end of 2015. This year he has made as much money in 5 tournaments as he did all last year, so it seems that things are really coming together for him, which is not surprising when you look more closely at his swing. He is a great example of the modern athletic swing, very stable in the lower body while producing a big upper body windup. His sequencing gets him a bunch of secondary stretch as he unwinds, which in turn helps produce his graceful power. He is not all about power, however, as his club moves through the swing almost exactly on plane (there is a slight flattening in transition), and his positioning is good enough for anyone to copy. I like the way he gradually opens the clubface going back, and the way he keeps his right arm bent and wide while following the upper trunk turn is exactly how I prefer to teach the backswing. All in all, it is a gorgeous swing and I would expect him to have continued success.


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