Swing Analysis: Kevin Streelman

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I think this is one of the best swings on Tour right now. Of course, I am biased toward the technique characteristics that I like to teach, but hey, this is all just my opinion anyway. The one thing that Kevin does that I would say is a flaw that he needs to work on, the up and under move with the hips, is the very thing that Kevin and his coach highlight in a video they did at a Trackman seminar. In the swings here, while not perfect angles or completely stable, still show that Kevin has a tendency to push his hips a bit out of the box and to therefore approach with his hands slightly higher than he might want, but since he is conscious of this and working on it I would expect him to continue to improve. Everything else about his action is spot on, and I use various parts of it to demonstrate proper technique to my students. I especially like the transition hand, arm and shaft movement, and the pivot dynamics are fabulous. If you look at the setup position in the swing from 2010 and compare it to the recent swings I think you will agree that he has made some key adjustments in his balance at address that has enabled him to improve the overall pattern of the swing. I would not be surprised to see him move into the Top 10 in the world and contend in multiple majors.

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Clinton August 4, 2013

Streels swing is quite athletic looking. To me it’s always had a somewhat abnormal look and after watching this video, I think it has to do with his head movement. In the down the line view, his head moves out toward the ball as he transitions, but then pulls back from the ball as he approaches impact, more than offsetting the head movement toward the ball. But he doesn’t stop there. After impact as he heads toward shaft exit, his head moves again out over the ball. I think this is pretty uncommon. You’ve got other guys like bill haas and rickie fowler who pull the head off the ball, but they don’t recover the original head position. Maybe Streels is trying to maintain posture in his downswing, as he works on keeping the lower body in the box on the ball side, and in so doing, he adds posture but does it too late (after impact).

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