Swing Analysis: Kevin Kisner

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

It’s no surprise when you look at his swing up close that Kevin Kisner won the PGA Tour event last week and has almost won a bunch of other ones, including the Player’s Championship, where a lip out on the last hole eventually cost him the title. He exemplifies solid swing mechanics, and his takeaway and hip movement throughout the swing are about as good as you will find. By keeping the hands and club on plane in the backswing Kisner simplifies the transition and downswing, and you can see his left arm responding to the movement of the lower body, which moves the handle directly back toward the ball starting down. The sequence begins from the ground and works quickly into the right hip, which rotates inward to keep the right leg sliding and twisting inside of its original position. As far as keeping the hips “deep” during the swing Kisner is a model to attempt to emulate. His right heel barely leaves the ground by impact with just about every club in the bag, which is impossible to do if the right leg has any tendency to push toward the ball (no humping here). One place Kisner varies from standard Wayne D. preferences is his right upper arm in the backswing, which stops earlier than I like it to, but in his case he completes his backswing perfectly with just the right amount of arm movement getting to the top, leaving the elbow in great position to get in from of his right side in the forward swing, and with the excellent leg movement Kisner has a ton of space for the right arm getting to impact. (The reason I don’t prefer that arm positioning in the backswing is the fact that just about every non-tour player who does that screws up the arm movement in transition). All in all Kisner reminds me of Anthony Kim, and barring injury he should well surpass Kim’s success.

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David W December 1, 2015

Noticed Kevin early in the season with good form. I like Kevin’s swing and now I know why. Congrats Kevin. Thank you Wayne. D

Michael December 2, 2015

Similar right arm position to me but makes it work because he gets deep. I have some work to do!
Thanks WD

Sean December 7, 2015

He looks like Moe Norman in the release. Very interesting. It lacks the fancy Wayne D elements: legs are slow to clear, shaft doesn’t really shallow, high approach. I’m starting wonder if depth and sequence are steak and all the rest is sizzle.

Stephen December 23, 2015

He really makes plenty of room for his arms, and the old right arm throwing motion is very much in evidence.
In fact, he gives it such a big throw with the right arm that it looks like he risks hooking the ball somewhat.

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