Swing Analysis: Justin Thomas

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Justin is a young Tour winner who hits it miles while weighing in at somewhere around 150 pounds. It is a marvelous thing to watch his incredibly fast hip action, and the fact that he can synch his upper body with the lower is a testament to his talent and physical ability. We focus here mostly on his driver swing, but at the end of the video I show an iron shot that looks way more conventional and more controlled, which is of course what you would expect from such an excellent player, much like Phil Mickelson. Thomas utilizes a fairly weak grip, which accounts for the amount of left wrist bow on the approach to impact. The amazing thing to watch though is his hip movement: he has the fastest hips, getting back to square (left knee disappearing) when his arms have barely moved downward in transition, since a young Tiger Woods. His footwork is also pretty wild, with his right heel about as far off the ground at impact as it could be, with his left heel well up in the air to boot. You would expect his hips to be “humping” like crazy, but this is not at all the case, as he drives his right glute so hard up into his left as he gets to impact that he literally jumps up off the ground but in a leftward direction that keeps both hips perfectly in the box as he hits the ball. It’s about as athletic a move as you will ever see. I wouldn’t suggest trying this at home.
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Chuck November 22, 2016

Wow! Only the toes on the ground at impact. This is a good reminder that if I want to hit it farther I can unwind the hips faster. I believe in the 5 Lessons, Mr. Hogan said they can’t go too fast.

Jeffrey January 21, 2017

I think that he has a terrible pattern of pelvic motion during his early downswing – as he is using a right hip spinning action due to activation of his right gluteus muscle rather than his right-sided 6 lateral pelvic rotator muscles. His right buttocks prematurely leaves the tush line at the very start of the downswing. He is lucky that he doesn’t “get stuck” , which is primarily due to the fact that his right elbow’s pitch position is ABOVE his right hip area.

He also doesn’t use a pivot compression swing action where there is an increased degree of hip flexion between P4 and P5, and his head doesn’t lower during than time period.

I much prefer the pro golfer’s pattern of pelvic motion between P4 and P5 – as exemplified by Adam Scott and Jim George (my model golfer in my video project).


Bryan April 24, 2017

I get the fast hips so the knees are back level with the arm still above horizontal, but it seems when I try that my arms are so far delayed that I have trouble getting them through the shot and in front of my body to close the clubface. What am I doing incorrectly?

Jeff August 15, 2017

Always love your videos and analysis, Wayne. I just wouldn’t want to have Justin’s back issues later in life with a swing like that! Oh wait, I DO have those back issues! (which is why I really need to get some lessons from Wayne!). :-)

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