Swing Analysis: Justin Thomas

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Justin is a young Tour winner who hits it miles while weighing in at somewhere around 150 pounds. It is a marvelous thing to watch his incredibly fast hip action, and the fact that he can synch his upper body with the lower is a testament to his talent and physical ability. We focus here mostly on his driver swing, but at the end of the video I show an iron shot that looks way more conventional and more controlled, which is of course what you would expect from such an excellent player, much like Phil Mickelson.

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Charles November 22, 2016

Wow! Only the toes on the ground at impact. This is a good reminder that if I want to hit it farther I can unwind the hips faster. I believe in the 5 Lessons, Mr. Hogan said they can’t go too fast.

Jeffrey January 21, 2017

I think that he has a terrible pattern of pelvic motion during his early downswing – as he is using a right hip spinning action due to activation of his right gluteus muscle rather than his right-sided 6 lateral pelvic rotator muscles. His right buttocks prematurely leaves the tush line at the very start of the downswing. He is lucky that he doesn’t “get stuck” , which is primarily due to the fact that his right elbow’s pitch position is ABOVE his right hip area.

He also doesn’t use a pivot compression swing action where there is an increased degree of hip flexion between P4 and P5, and his head doesn’t lower during than time period.

I much prefer the pro golfer’s pattern of pelvic motion between P4 and P5 – as exemplified by Adam Scott and Jim George (my model golfer in my video project).


Bryan April 24, 2017

I get the fast hips so the knees are back level with the arm still above horizontal, but it seems when I try that my arms are so far delayed that I have trouble getting them through the shot and in front of my body to close the clubface. What am I doing incorrectly?

Jeff August 15, 2017

Always love your videos and analysis, Wayne. I just wouldn’t want to have Justin’s back issues later in life with a swing like that! Oh wait, I DO have those back issues! (which is why I really need to get some lessons from Wayne!). :-)

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