Swing Analysis: Jimmy Walker Improves

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

When I looked at Jimmy’s swing last year there were quite a few things I thought he could improve on, even after winning 3 times and having a great year. Well, it looks as though he has taken steps in the right direction, as all of the tendencies I noted have gotten better. The pattern to cross the line at the top and pull away from the ball and shoot the legs under is still there, but to a lesser degree. The most noticeable change is the movement of the right arm approaching the top of the swing, which before had some added lift and pull back but now is stopping better and staying more down and in front of him, which is having a beneficial effect on his shaft position at the top of the swing. He is now pointing the club much more to the left as he reaches transition, especially with the driver, and that means that he does not have to shallow the club so late in the forward swing, which, as we know, can cause the club to get “stuck” and the legs to hump out to the right, all of which causes the head to pull back in the impact area. His right arm is still what I would call “pinched” in the backswing as the upper arm fails to gain depth early, but he is now keeping the arm more in that position approaching the top, which in turn stops the elbow and keeps the club from crossing. His leg movement has improved as well, which I would expect as the entire pattern is changing for the better.

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Mark January 30, 2015

I can’t believe how well this guy is doing after the crap he’s been through. I’d be just about ready to murder someone.

Doff thy cap.

Jack July 31, 2016

Wayne, can you post some video of Jimmy putting on the national CBS telecast where he shifts his hips forward during his putting stroke and still makes the putt (like the shots you showed us last year)?

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