Swing Analysis: Jimmy Bruen

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

If you want to talk about “natural” swings you have to start with Jimmy Bruen. I compare the swing to Eamon Darcy and Jim Furyk, but the more I think about it I see it as a less conventional Fred Couples, where the club floats to the top any old way then is led down by the body with a side arm throwing motion right out of Hogan.

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Sean September 14, 2015

If were making requests for swings can we do (all available on YT)

The good:

Olin Browne
Frank Phillips- some new zealand pro from the 60s. sweet action.

The bad:
Rocco Mediate.

The strange:
early Pat Perez.

Charles September 15, 2015

I think he broke the pane of glass…but he was saved by his MAGIC MOVE! This is genius, thank you for sharing.

Jack September 28, 2015

Now that I look at this again, I’m reminded of Miller Barber, but with not so much chicken winging of the trail elbow in the backswing.

John September 29, 2015

Jimmy Bruen = pretty ugly backswing, great transition and impact. Me = reasonable backswing to 3/4, then a lift, (but nowhere near as wild as Bruen), then an early extension, steep approach, slight chicken-wing at impact and slappy strike.
Difference = pure talent. I have to admit it.
I thought I had a nice swing. Everyone told me so. But it’s not as effective as Bruen. Not even close. And I had trouble trying to change it. Some days I am resigned to becoming a mature guy who can shoot par on a good day but only with my consistently slappy strikes and a reasonable all-round game. The bad days feel terrible. I feel like an old man when the timing is off. The ball doesn’t stay in the air like it used to but I still go on trying. Hoping one day I will stumble upon the moves that Bruen found before the days of filming, Trackman and endless analysis. Those lucky few who discovered how to strike a golf ball properly without caring where the club was or what it looked like.

John October 1, 2015

As it happens we have been in Scotland for 2 week but fly back to Australia Saturday. Moved back to Oz 2 years ago.

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