Swing Analysis: Jason Kokrak

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

There seem to be more and more guys like Kokrak playing their way onto the Tour, extra- large physically while being technically sound with a fluid motion that produces what appears to be effortless power. I really like his posture at address, and I will show this to students to demonstrate an athletic stance, ready for action with the weight out onto the balls of the feet. Jason’s swing is notable for its compactness, with a huge early turn of the upper trunk with a ton of ground compression to start the swing and a hard catch at the top. I prefer a softer arm look at address, but he is able to carry a fairly rigid right arm all the way to the top with no ill effects on the rest of his swing, which takes tremendous trunk mobility. His recent swings show a beautiful “out” move with the hands in transition, not at all like the swings from last year, in which the hands drop much more vertically from the top. It would be interesting to ask him if he had switched from trying to draw the ball to hitting more of a left to right shot, but it’s possible (though not likely) that the difference in the swings from year to year were due to the specific shots being struck and not a general trend. Another thing that stands out is his dynamic leg action, which drives big time 45 degrees left of target and uses the ground perfectly. All in all, great action which should continue to show up on leaderboards moving forward.
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Clinton August 14, 2013

The action of the right leg and right knee is improved as well, closer to being in the box (down the line view). I think that’s going hand in hand with the better hand path in transition.

Kokrak is a big guy who brings it and is fun to watch, but I’m still waiting for the day that someone of NBA power forward size (6′ 8″ or 6′ 9″) with good athletic ability takes up the game from very early childhood. Given proper instruction and proper club fitting, someone like that will hit it forever with little effort, and could make the current bombers brigade of Kokrak, Colsaerts, Bubba and Dustin look like average length hitters. No par 5 will be safe, nor will any par 4 that’s under 400 yards. The short game will still be important, but why couldn’t a youngster who’s passionate about the game (and also 6′ tall by the 6th grade) also develop a superb short game?

Raymond February 19, 2017

JASON KOKRAK is a big ,powerful Guy ,definitely not in THE “Mr AVERAGE ” league ,Like RORY Mc ILROY or JORDAN SPIETH .HIs swing is compact ,but not fluid ,ARMS are too much taught ,not relaxed as they should be .I don’t Like at all his right leg straightening when hé moves to THE top,there should be flex in his right knee .Well ,this swing works for him ,but is not a model rôle for THE ” Mr AVERAGE’s ” Like most OF us .

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