Swing Analysis: Jason Day, Brandon Grace and Jordan Spieth Pitching at the PGA

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

An overview of some of the pitch shots Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and Brandon Grace hit during the final round of the PGA. You might think that when guys are shooting 17 and 20 under they are hitting it close to perfectly, but you can tell from the places they end up that is really not the case.

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Tom January 10, 2016

I have made an assumption that tour players (generally) play reflexive golf as opposed to recreational players who ( generally) play with swing thoughts. I also assume, although there is seldom much commentary, that there is a MONUMENTAL CHASM between the two. Since you are and have had MAJOR experience both as a player and a renown teacher at some point in the FORUM would you share your opinion on these issues? . Instinctively I can not imagine how one could play professionally on the tour THINKING ABOUT HOW I WAS GOING TO SWING THE CLUB??? I would welcome your commentary, on what I believe to be a critical separation between ——————LEARNING GOLF and PLAYING GOLF. Tom Hurst

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