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Swing Analysis: Harris English Demonstrates the “Hands Out” Move

Once again we see a successful Tour player demonstrate the “out” move with the hands while flattening the shaft back in transition. English is one of the best ball strikers and all-around players on the Tour in only his 3rd year, and seems to have the even keel demeanor to go along with his obvious talent and technique to be a force on the Tour for many years to come. He is a big guy, going at 6 foot 3 and 190 pounds, and uses a massive thrust with his lower body through impact along with a fairly wide approach to average 300 yards off the tee and lead the Tour in GIR. Another interesting stat I noticed is that he also leads the Tour in percentage of GIR from fairway bunkers. He has improved his wedge play dramatically this year, which has allowed him to bump up in the putting stats, and his position on the money list is testament to that. He exemplifies the sidearm throwing motion concept that Hogan expounded in The Five Lessons, but it is all set up by his ability to recover from a vertical shaft position at left arm parallel in the backswing by stopping his upper right arm and rolling the left forearm in order to aim the shaft on plane at the top and prepare his arms and hands to respond to quick opening of his lower body. His knee line squares before the left arm gets to parallel to the ground in the forward swing, but the movement is anything but a spin as evidenced by the amount of lateral movement shown in the face on angle. His hip thrust through the ball (along with the right foot slide forward) is reminiscent of Hogan, as I show in a side by side comparison. All in all, he has the full package and I would expect him to be a multiple winner and a contender in the majors from here on in.


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