Swing Analysis: Greg Norman

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

The only reason that Greg Norman is not considered as one of the top 5 players of all time is that he could not find a way to close out majors that he had a very good chance to win. If he had even a little of Tiger Wood’s ability to maintain a lead (Tiger won 14 majors from the front without being beaten) he would have won 7 or 8, and certainly may have accumulated double digit major wins. That said, he is still one of the greats, having led the World Rankings for 331 weeks (second only to Woods), and did win 2 majors, 18 other PGA Tour events, and 14 European Tour events.
Norman was a physical specimen, and he used his strength and athletic ability to great advantage, hitting the ball extremely high and straight. His swing was fast and powerful, with tremendous arm acceleration. His lower body action was somewhat suspect, as he tended to slide his right foot backwards as he came into the impact area in order to compensate for a hip movement that drove toward the ball a bit from the top of the swing. His swing became more noticeably flat and across the line at the top upon taking up with swing coach Butch Harmon, but the results were quite positive as he came out of a 3 year slump to regain the #1 world ranking. The “shark” proved he still had the goods when he almost won the 2008 British Open.

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Curtis May 28, 2011

Hey Wayne, again great stuff. Just a quick visual that I had about what you were talking about at around 6:30. You made a comment about the difference of equipment and how today’s clubs/drivers help launch the ball better and it reminded me of some pics I saw in Golf Magazine. On page 136 they do a comparison of Ernie Els from 94 to today. To me those pics make it very easy to see the more trapping blow being delivered vs the shaft kicking and flexing forward adding loft. And I think I can see where the lower deeper center of gravity and lower kick point of the modern club achieves that.

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