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Swing Analysis: Francesco Molinari

This is a truly solid looking swing. The backswing mechanics are impeccable, with a pivot driven takeaway, solid leg action, on plane club movement, and excellent wrist and hand movement keeping the face nice and neutral throughout. The surprising thing is the lack of dynamics, meaning no lowering and relatively little wrist cock. However, the forward swing begins in sequence with a nice compression into the ground and plenty of lateral push while the wrist cock that was gained in the backswing (never more than 90 degrees to the left arm) is retained beautifully past the ball. He also exhibits the “out” move with the hands from the top, as the grip end heads right at the ball in transition. Molinari is obviously a hugely strong guy, and his simple, compact motion reminds one of a KJ Choi without the unconventional extra out and over move. Molinari’s left knee disappears a tad late (almost at shaft parallel to the ground as opposed to the preferred left arm parallel), a characteristic of a more upper body driven swing. It is also characteristic of this type of swing to approach a bit higher than the original shaft plane, as the right arm is in more of a “locked” mode than in the “low sidearm” mode , requiring the wrists to bend down a bit to get to impact. That said, he has a marvelous release and follow-through, and I highlight that with a side-by-side with Hogan from the Hogan/Snead match.


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