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Swing Analysis: Emiliano Grillo

Grillo has a wonderful swing which produces Dustin Johnson and Jordan Speith-like impact positions without the bowed left wrist at the top of the swing. The secret here is his great pivot movement combined with wonderful use of the right arm and the squaring of the face with the left forearm and wrist. Grillo’s right arm action is not like Hogan’s at all in the backswing as he externally rotates his upper arm and elbow almost immediately in the takeaway and keeps it in front of him during the backswing, but in the forward swing he drives the elbow way in front of his ribcage and gets his hands forward at impact as much as anyone on Tour. You can almost hear the ball coming off his clubface with a different sound when you watch it on TV. The pictures here of his driver from face on are really amazing as they look almost identical to Hogan’s elbow position in his swings before the accident. Grillo is able to move his right arm in this manner without getting stuck because his pivot movement keeps his hips remarkably deep while they open up like crazy through impact. This is a swing that every little guy (he is 5’9”, 175 lbs.) can shoot for, especially if you want to average 294 off the tee and rank 5th on Tour in total driving.


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  1. John September 11, 2016 at 8:06 pm #

    Love his action. Thanks. In recent months I have found that I hit the ball a lot more solidly when I try to flatten (feels bowed but isn’t) my left wrist at the top. It tends to get me on a better plane coming down and gets mt right elbow more down.
    Problem is that a hook has become my bad shot.
    In trying to learn something from Grillo, how does one have a left wrist which is flat at the top and supinated at impact, without shutting the face at impact?

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