Swing Analysis: Davis Love III

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

One of the best players in the modern era, Davis Love has won 20 PGA Tour events including a major championship, the PGA in 1997. He has won mostly with his long game, and has been hampered over the years with wedge and short putting issues (if you can have 20 wins and be “hampered”). That just suggests that Love, had he been even close to the putting it like Nicklaus or the wedging it like Kite would have won many more majors and would probably be up there with the greatest players ever. Here, however, we focus on the swing that still has him ranked as the 6th leading money winner of all time.
A couple of things of special interest are the hyper extended takeaway, the crossed position at the top, the pronounced “out” movement of the hands in transition, and the impeccable line of compression he produces at impact. This is another great example of ball striking talent, the “knack” for putting the club on the ball without necessarily having the club in all of the classic “on plane” positions that you might teach a beginner. As usual, it is quite interesting to see how the swing unfolds to produce such exquisite impact alignments. One thing is for sure (if you ask me), and that is that if Davis “dropped” his hands straight down from the top of his swing you probably would never have heard of him. Once again, the move that TV analysts would refer to as “over the top” is essential to Love correcting his crossed position at the top and eventually arriving at impact in as good a position as anyone you can name.

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Peter June 13, 2015

Could Love’s shoulder turn be more than 90 degrees at the top.?..it looks like it to me.

And if so, wouldn’t that make his club point “across the line” at the top?

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