Swing Analysis: CPC (PNC) Champion Rod Perry

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

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Clinton July 11, 2013

I watched a Mike Bender video recently on youtube, and Bender was negating the use of the lower body in the downswing to create clubhead speed. He (Bender) said that he can hit a 7iron 160 yards using only his arms and hands, and that incorporating his lower body only adds an additional 10 yards (for a total of 170 yards with the 7iron). Rod Perry seems to be of the same mold, as a driving lower body is absent from his swing. Perry is obviously precise with his shots (you’d have to be to shoot 10 under). But, I wonder how far he hits it? If anyone happened to watch the CPC and got wind of any of his yardages on irons, or driving distance, I’d be very curious to know…I would also dissagree with Bender a bit. I’d say that a properly used lower body could add more than 10 yards to a 7iron, and A LOT MORE to a driver.

Everett July 11, 2013

Besides listening to Wayne talk about the course I had the chance to speak to someone else who played in the CPC/PNC (whatever they wanna call it). The place was a beast. So to play it 10 under Mr. Perry obviously was plenty long enough. I suspect he pops it quite well.

What this video analysis shows me is what I have learned most from Wayne. A common denominator with all these great players swings is hip and shoulder position at impact and the hands not getting caught behind you.

Rod Perry’s swing appearance reminds me of a few people swings I have played with over the years. One played in the CPC/PNC this year. The others have 25 handicaps.
I learn so much by looking at these videos. Rod does have an amazing impact position. And his hands are amazing.

I take my hat off to Rod Perry. I give ultimate credit where credit is due. Keep swinging ugly- its beautiful.

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