Swing Analysis: Charley Hoffman

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

If you’ve been following the website for a while you probably know that I really like Charley Hoffman’s swing, even though as you will see in these shots of his driver I took at the recent Valspar Championship in Tampa that his right arm does not really move the way I prefer. That said, there is a wonderful simplicity to his body movement that could be a model for anyone, and I certainly use his swing to show people who move around too much just how nice it looks to wind up and clear the hips and shoulders the way he does. Charlie was right around the lead most of the Masters and from these swings you can see why he is having a nice year so far.

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John Neeson May 22, 2015

I also like watching Charley hit the ball and he has jumped roughly 20 spots in the WGR since a year ago, yet he doesn’t stand out anywhere in the million stats that they keep.
Perhaps he should go even shorter with the hair and see if he improves further. He could be the reverse of Samson. I think 6 foot tall and 200 lbs is the perfect physique to smooth the ball out there 300 yds.

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