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Swing Analysis: Cameron Champ Doing Pretty Much Everything I Teach

If there is a poster child for the Pivot Compression Swing and the various preferences, I have in general it would be Cameron Champ. He employs an on-plane takeaway with right loading to P2, then continues to load the upper body to the right with a massive turn while working the right side of the pelvis consistently deeper into transition, where he demonstrates the “hands out” hand path move with the shaft shallowing significantly as the right arm adducts, externally rotates and supinates. He drives that arm more forward than just about anyone I’ve looked at and even hits his driver with his hands way in front and the shaft leaning forward, producing an 8-degree launch angle and a descending blow. You might think that he was not optimizing his launch conditions but his 193-mph ball speed and 130 mph clubhead speed still have him hitting the ball further than anyone on any tour. He makes up for the forward leaning shaft with plenty of rightward spine tilt as his head moves hard right in the impact area with the driver and takes advantage of that approach by not doing that with his irons. The combination of today’s equipment with strength and technique has brought us to the point where players such as Koepka, DJ, Speith, Rahm and others are using a drive/hold release technique with their drivers and not only not losing distance but seemingly adding to their ability to create speed. Champ’s use of the sidearm throwing motion to create huge amounts of lag make his swing appear fluid and graceful, certainly not as violent as you might expect at such crazy speeds. It is also interesting that Champ feels like he is “jumping” up into impact, while his head stays perfectly level, another sign of his strength and athleticism. This would be a wonderful swing even if he hit the ball normal distances, but to have something so conventionally sound produce such power gives him a chance to be one of the greats.



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  1. John November 9, 2018 at 11:13 pm #

    If this guy can chip and putt he will win a lot. Great technique and great power. How could you fail.

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